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PRP injections and Dermarolla


PRP injections and Dermarolla

July was a busy month, all training was done in London to perform PRP injections and Dermarolla.

I took my mum as my model on all occasions, before and after photos were taken and the results are amazing.

PRP injections is where I extract blood from the client, use a centrifuge to separate the plasma in the blood and once this is done the plasma is injected into the face and neck. It is fantastic for anti-ageing, and if you aren’t a fan of botox this is one of the best treatments. It can be injected where botox or dermal filler can not be used, for instance, under the eyes to help reduce or eliminate bags and lines under the eyes. The results are usually seen after 4 weeks post treatment as it continues to work 2-3 weeks after the treatment has been performed.

Dermarolla is a rolla with small needles around it which is rolled over the face, this is also known as the vampire facial. This treatment is also used for anti-ageing as after a course of 3-4 sessions, the face will have produced the best collagen the body can produce leaving the face looking fresh, lines are plumped out and the collagen in the face is the same as what is in a baby. If you require a course one session every 6 weeks is recommended, you can incorporate PRP injections with this but personally there isn’t much point as the body is already doing the best it can, it would also increase the price. Prior to the course vitamin A and C is applied to the skin for two weeks.


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